Sørby Esport is a Danish gaming and esport department under Sørbymagle Idrætsforening, (sports club) founded in 1907. Sørby Esport was founded in January 2016 and is permeated by the traditional association values: community, learning, development, and experiences.


We are a beacon in Danish esports, and we inspire our Nordic colleagues. We convey new knowledge, learning, new friendships and create fun events as well as a strong esports culture.

We are #morethanesports and we love making a difference for people.


Our innermost DNA consists of equal parts love of gaming and love of people. Since 2016, we have seen how our way of working with gaming and esports can transform people positively. Lonely children and young people become an important part of healthy, strong communities. Young people who are lost in life find desire and motivation for a job or education. Unemployed find their way to a job. People with disabilities and disabilities find joy, self-esteem, self-confidence, and togetherness. Quite ordinary children, young people, adults, and families – are linked closer together and get a togetherness they have not experienced before.


Sørby Esport is a platform that stands on four solid legs:

  1. Knowledge – about the target group: “people who have a passion for gaming”
  2. Experience – designing and arranging successful gaming and esports education, events, training, and events
  3. Facilities – to create a good framework for unforgettable gaming and esports experiences and teaching
  4. People – to teach, train, run and hold gaming & esports activities


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Download our brochure and learn all about Sørby Esport, our management, our results and goals.

We are Sørby Esport. With gaming and esports as a framework, we make a noticeable difference for people.

Mark Kristensen
Mark KristensenChairman
Mark is co-founder and chairman of Sørby Esport with special responsibility for management, partners, and sponsors. Mark is a trained multimedia designer, has deep insight into gaming and esports as well as several years of professional experience from, among others, Elgiganten.
Anders Sørensen
Anders SørensenBoard member
Anders is a co-founder and board member at Sørby Esport with special responsibility for fundraising, design, and political contexts. Anders has particular insight into the political agenda, both locally, regionally, and nationally, as well as work experience from more than 20 years as a self-employed person.
Luca Huelle
Luca HuelleBoard member
Luca is a board member of Sørby Esport with special responsibility for the structure of the club, events, and the well-being of volunteer coaches and managers. Luca has a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, HA – Sports and event management as well as work experience from, among others, Nykredit and Salling Group.
Helle Kristensen
Helle KristensenBoard member
Helle is a board member of Sørby Esport with special responsibility for administration, process optimization, and well-being across the association and workplace. Helle is a trained laboratory technician and is employed as production manager at MedicoPack.
Jess Larsen
Jess LarsenBoard member
Jess is a board member of Sørby Esport with special responsibility for IT and IT development for the center’s various internet and external events. On a daily basis, Jess is employed as an IT supporter & system developer at Kemp & Lauritzen A / S.
Martin Fritzen
Martin FritzenBoard member
Martin is a co-founder and board member of Sørby Esport with special responsibility for the development of projects, events, and collaborations. On a daily basis, Martin is employed as a development consultant in Danish Corporate Sports with a focus on esports.

We are Sørby Esport. Our amazing volunteer coaches, leaders, and parents.

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We are Sørby Esport. Our amazing sponsors.

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In Sørby Esport we work in three areas


We make events that bring children, young people, and adults together for gaming, fun, presentations, stand-up, lectures, and teaching. In addition, our members and coaches coach, train and compete in our online universes.


We love to go out and show how gaming and esports can help people. Among other things, we provide teaching in gaming and esports at several continuing schools and VUC centers. We make gaming and esports events for city parties and other cultural events. We participate in networks, make tournaments, events and arrangements externally, which bring people together and help children and young people into healthy communities.


Locally in our center, we of course offer training, coaching, meetings, LAN events, boot camps, gatherings, social events and matches for our members, coaches, and team leaders. Our sports center is also a workplace for our employees, so there is always life and a good atmosphere in the center. In addition to our own activities, we use the center for teaching for the primary and lower secondary schools and HF centers that use us for their “electives in esports”. We hold teaching, training, activities, and gaming events for i.a. Autism Center West Zealand, Muskelsvindfonden, Social Psychiatry and Slagelse Municipality.

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