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Sørby eSport is an eSport association and a branch of the Sørby Sports association, founded in 1907 and located in Sørby, Slagelse, Denmark. We pride ourselves on having a strong organization and a solid structure, which leads our gamers to focus on gaming, and our management to focus on leading Sørby eSport. In January 2016, we held Northern-Europe’s largest FIFA PlayStation 2v2 event. On May 7th, 2016, we did it again, with over 500 participants and more than 6000 USD in prizes.

Who we are…

We are more than 40 volunteers and eSports enthusiasts, a professional management team, and a board of directors who manage and run the daily business of the Sørby eSport association. Sørby eSport has more than 160 paying members (gamers). We have funded ourselves by bootstrapping and are building our membership from the ground up; our fuel is our love for people and our love of gaming.

Our board consists of experienced managers and eSports coaches that are both adept at leading people, coaching gamers, developing businesses, while at the same time, living our value of inclusion and ensuring that all are welcome. We are founded march 2016.

What we do and how we do it…

Sørby eSport offers training, bootcamps, tournaments and gaming events for both our paying members and the gaming-loving public. Our values are: “learning, respect, and community”. We believe in contributing to the learning of others, building new friendships, and creating fun experiences and a strong eSport community. Each week more than 160 gamers attend our online and offline training sessions, in Counter Strike CS:GO, FIFA, Overwatch, League of Legends, Hearthstone and Rocket League, while our paying-member base has increased each month.

What we believe in…

Sørby eSport houses both casual and elite gamers and ensures that everyone, regardless of gaming experience and skills, has the opportunity to make new friends and develop close relationships across gender, age, religion and gaming-level.

Spread the word

Sørby eSport works to disseminate knowledge of eSport through coaching, training, online and offline gaming events, LAN events, online tournaments, hackathons, software development events and other technology events.

Become part of a gaming club

In partnership with Slagelse municipality, educational institutions and other local actors, we promote and develop eSport locally and nationally. Sørby eSport is working to make it easier to engage in eSport and access club environments, where the pursuit of eSport possible.

Strengthen integration

Sørby eSport is working to strengthen the integration of minority groups and/or non-Danish ethnical groups, asylum seekers and refugees, through gaming events, training sessions and other positive experiences. Through these events and experiences, we aim to help others build new friendships and relationships across cultures, ethnicities, and religions.

Gaming can be educational and practical

The core of Sørby eSport is the community, for children, teens and adults. Gaming, socializing, and learning and to be met with respect regardless of background, age or ability. We believe in people and that characterizes the way we interact with our members. At Sørby eSport, we help each other to think creatively and use our imagination.

Through gaming, our events and our mission, we challenge ourselves and the world we live in, to be become better gamers, while also maintaining our values of learning, respect and community. Gamers have the opportunity to build strong technical and interpersonal skills and learn to think innovatively and outside the box. These qualities can be useful and practical for jobs in media, podcasting, radio / TV, gaming, game design, game development and software design / development.


Contact Sørby eSport management, Founder Martin Fritzen at: martin@sorby-esport.dk

Sørby eSport

Learning, respect & community. Home for gamers.